Standard Accessories Option Accessories
1. 8000 rpm spindle, belt driven 1. BT40 pull stud
2. Arm 24T ATC system 2. 10000/12000 rpm spindle, Belt drive
3. Coolant system 3. 4th axis preparation for pneumatic clamping type rotary table (w/o motor, driver, rotary table)
4. Full enclosed splash guard 4. 4th axis rotary table
5. Work lamp 5. Automatic tool length measurement
6. Automatic lubrication system 6. Coolant through spindle device
7. Warning lamp 7. Chain type chip conveyor
8. Spindle air blast 8. Double screw chip conveyor
9. Powerful chip flush nozzle 9. Oil skimmer
10. Working air blast 10. Water gun
11.Rigid tapping 11. Air gun
12.Heat exchanger 12. Optical scale
13. Tool box w/ adjustment tools
14. Leveling bolts & pads
15. Operation manual, Maintenance

manual & parts list

16.Oil spindle cooler

Tehnical information


MODEL VTP-1061 VTP-1261
Table size 1200×600mm (47.2”x23.6”) 1400×600mm


T-slot(NumberxSizexPitch) 5×18mm×125mm (5×0.71”x4.92”)
Max. Loading 1000kg (2200lbs) 1200kg (2640lbs)
X axis travel 1020mm (40.1”) 1250mm (49.21”)
Y axis travel 610mm (24”)
Z axis travel 610mm (24”)
Spindle Nose to Table 125~735mm (4.92”~28.94”)
Spindle Center to Column Front 895mm (35.23”)
Spindle Nose Taper 7/24 No. 40
Spindle Speed Belt Drive : 8000rpm (opt. 10000.12000rpm)
Spindle Diameter 70mm (2.75”)
Rapid Traverse(X/Y/Z) 20/20/20m/min  (945/787.4 ipm)
Cutting Speed 10 m/min (394 ipm)
Z-Axis Counterweight Yes
Ball Screw Diameter & Pitch 40mm,P10
Accuracy VDI 3441 (JIS B6336-2) (JIS B6338)
Positioning P0.014mm  (0.004/300mm )
Repeatability PS 0.010  (0.003mm )
Tool Shank BT40
Tool Capacity Arm 24T
Tool Changing Time Arm T-T 1.5 sec, C-C 5 sec
Pull Stud MAS 403 P40T-1
Max. Tool Diameter (Adjacent Tool) 80mm (3.15”)
Max. Tool Diameter (w/o Adjacent Tool) 125mm (4.92”)
Max. Tool Length 300mm (11.8”)
Max. Tool Weight 7kg (15.4lbs)
Spindle Motor (F) : 11 (cont.) /15kW (30min)
Servo  Motor X/ Y/ Z X: 3kW (A12i), Y: 4kW (A22i ) ,Z: 4kW (A22i With Brake)
Coolant Motor 1 HP
Power Requirement 25kVA
Air Requirement 5 – 6 kg/cm2?300L/min
Machine Dimension (WxDxH) 3000×2650×2750mm




Machine weight, approx. 7000kg (15400 lbs) 7500kg (16500 lbs)
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