Chi-Fa machines are designed with users, professional designer and manufacturing designer in mind, and we are committed to offer the high level, high performance machines. Through years of constant research, development and innovation, currently our products lineup includes vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, double column machining centers and moving-column type machining centers, etc. Thanks to their outstanding accuracy and performance, Chi-Fa machines have been widely applied in various sectors such as: aerospace industry, green-energy industry, precion mold and die industry, automotive and motorcycle industry and 3C electronic and communication industry, etc. In the future, we will continue to develop new products and technologies, provide comprehensive technical support and expand service system. Our objective is to provide you with an optimal backup for feedback to those customers who are the regular users of Chi-Fa machines like you. Moreover, we will keep moving on step by step, dedicate ourselves to business perpetuity, move towards international and serve customers worldwide.


Chi-Fa Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was founded on March 1, 1976. At the initial stage, Chi-Fa specialized in machining service of machine tool parts. During the 40 years of company operation since its inception, Chi-Fa has always followed its company philosophy of “Quality Affirmation. Technology Marketing. Customer Satisfaction”. With constantly upgrading Chi-Fa’s machinery expertise, our customers can realize the latest machine information and technological trend through Chi-Fa machines.

VTG-1065/1065L3 VTG-1165/1165L3 VTG-1365/1365L3 VTG-1565/1565L3
X-Axis (mm) 1020 1150 1300 1500
Y-Axis (mm) 650
Z-Axis (mm) 620
Spindle nose to table surface (mm) 100~720
Table surface to floor (mm) 915 915
Spindle center to column surface 765 765
Tabe size (mmxmm) 1100×650 1250×650 1400×650 1600×650
Max. loading (kg) 700 700 1000 1000
T-slot (Wid.xNo.xPit.) 18mmx5x100mm 18mmx5x100mm
Spindle speed (rpm) Belt: 8000 / #40 Gear: 6000 / #50 Gear: 6000 Belt: 8000 / #40 Gear: 6000 / #50 Gear: 6000
Taper BT-40 / BT-50 BT-40 / BT-50
Rapid feed (m/min) 48X48X32 48X48X32
Cutting feed (m/min) 1~10 1~10
Tool type BT40/BT50 BT40/BT50
Pull stud MAS-P40T-1(45º)  /MSA-P50T-1(45°) MAS-P40T-1(45º)  /MSA-P50T-1(45°)
Tool number BT-40: Arm type 24T / BT-50: Arm type 30T
Max. tool dia. w/wo adjacent tool BT-40: 80/150 / BT-50: 127/200 BT-40: 80/150 / BT-50: 127/200
Max. tool leng. (mm) BT-40: 300 / BT-50: 350 BT-40: 300 / BT-50: 350
Max. tool weight (kg)
SPINDLE  MOTOR (30Min./Cont.) BT-40 Belt-driven: 7.5/11 kW
BT-40 Gear-driven: 7.5/11 kW / BT-50 Gear-driven: 11 / 15 kW
Machine dimension (mm)
Footprint (mm)
Machine weight (kg) 6500 7000 7500 8000
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