Standard Feature Optional Feature Controller Option
§  Arm type 32T ATC system

§  Coolant system

§  Auto. lubrication system

§  Work lamp

§  Spindle air blast

§  Work air blast

§  Auto. power off (M30)

§  RS-232 interface

§  Heat exchanger for elect. cabinet

§  Leveling bolts & pads

§  Adjust tools & tool box

§  Fully enclosed splash guard

§  Rigid tapping

§  Spindle oil cooler

§  Scrape type chip conveyor

§  Safety interlock device

§  Hydraulic unit

§  Auto. chip flushing system

§  Spindle air curtain

§  Magazine operation panel

§  Spindle speed 12000rpm

§  Spindle speed 15000rpm

§  Spindle speed 20000rpm

§  Spindle speed 10000rpm (BT-50)

§  Arm type 40T ATC system

§  Arm type 60T ATC system

§  3-Axes Heidenhain optical scale

§  Oil skimmer

§  Index degree 1?

§  3-Axes rapid feed 60m/min & coolant through ballscrews

§  Auto. tool presetter

§  Auto. work piece measuring device

§  Coolant through spindle

§  Transformer

§  CE Regulation

§  Rotary table size 500x630mm

§  Mitsubishi M70A

§  Mitsubishi M720

§  Fanuc Oi-MD

§  Fanuc 31i


Tehnical information


Model HE-400
X Axis 600mm
Y Axis 500mm
Z Axis 500mm
Spindle Nose To Table Center 100~600mm
Spindle Nose To Table Surface 100~600mm
3-Axes Rapid Feed (X/Y/Z) 36000 / 36000 / 36000 mm/mm
3-Axes Acceleration (X/Y/Z) 1 / 1 / 1 G
Cutting Feed 20000mm/min
Ballscrew Diameter & Pitch D32 x P16 / 16 / 16
Rotary Table
Table Size 400 x 400 mm
Max. Permissible Loading 400kg
Min. Index Degree 0.001?
Thread Hole Spec.(Dia.xthread Pit.xDepthxPit.) M12 x 1.75 x 30 x 80mm
Rotate Speed 2.7 sec / rev.
Rotary Table Clamp Force 118 kg-m
Spindle Driven Method Built-in
Spindle Taper BT-40
Spindle Motor 15HP
Spindle OD 210mm
Spindle speed 8000 r.p.m.
ATC Type Arm Type
Tool Number 32
Max. Tool Weight 7 kg
Max. Tool Diameter
(With Adj. Tool/Without Adj. Tool)
75 / 125 mm
Max. Tool Length 300mm
Tool Exchange Time (T-T) 2.5 sec
Tool Exchange Time (C-C) 3.5 sec
APC Type
APC Type Rotary Exchange
Pallet Number 2
Max. Fixture Diameter 500mm
Max. Fixture Height 600mm
Pallet Surface To Ground 987mm
Pallet Exchange Time 12sec
Machine Weight 5500kg
Machine Dimension (W x D x H) 2417 x 3561 x 2732mm
Positioning Accuracy 0.004mm/300mm
Repeatable Accuracy ±0.003mm
Required air Pressure 4kg/cm2
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