The Tongtai VP Series is a high speed vertical that combines speed, rigidity and precision in a heavy duty Vertical Machining Center for mass production.  This machine has features not found on competitive machines at any price.  It features large 35mm linear ways on all axes with large diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews and a large diameter rigid spindle for heavy cutting.  High power servo motors allow the rapids at 1,890 IPM in the X and Y axes with very fast acc / dec times.  The Z-axis, without a mechanical counterbalance, rapids at 1,417 IPM and is ideal for high feed rates.  Acceleration in X, Y, and Z is 1.18G, 1.0G, 0.7G respectively.  As in any high-quality machine tool, the VP Series is made from heavy Meehanite FC-30 castings. Cast iron has the strength and vibration dampening characteristics necessary for excellent surface finishes and long cutting tool life.  The delta, or triangulated, design distributes cutting forces effectively and provides a rigid and stable machining platform.



A standard 24 tool high-speed synchronous arm-type automatic tool changer provides fast 2.0-second tool changes with average chip to chip time of only 3.6 seconds for maximum productivity.  The 70mm (2.75”) spindle shaft has 6 bearings for unparalleled stiffness and cutting stability.  The standard spindle is 10,000 RPM direct drive dual contact (Big Plus) 40 taper and is oil cooled for thermal stability.  A standard 20HP direct drive spindle motor with electronic high / low switch gear provides a range of power and torque.  Standard twin screw type chip conveyors remove nearly all chips from the machining area and discharges at the rear of the machine to minimize cleaning time.  From there a standard caterpillar lift-up style chip conveyor carries chips to a hopper.

The machine is also prepared for high pressure coolant through the spindle.  Optional 300 PSI or 1,000 PSI coolant pumps can be added to further enhance productivity.  In addition, a standard full splash cover is installed on top of the machine to contain all chips and coolant.

The 36mm (1.4”) diameter ballscrews are class 3 with a double-nut pre-loaded design.  To eliminate thermal growth and promote high accuracy and high-speed positioning, the ballscrews are pre-tensioned.  High torque servo motors are direct coupled to the ballscrews for accuracy.

The Mitsubishi M80A control is standard and is suitable for a wide range of applications from production to high speed machining applications.  The M80A control features a 10.4” touch screen with intuitive smart phone type operation.  A dedicated CNC CPU provides phenomenal processing speeds.  An all new high response servo system with 1,000,000 pulse encoders is provided for state-of-the-art speed and accuracy.  The Mitsubishi control comes with an industry leading 3-year parts and labor warranty!

Item Specification Unit VP-8 VP-10
Pallet Table size (LxW) mm 900×510 1,070×510
Max. loading capacity kg 500
Spindle Spindle taper 7/24 Taper NO.40
Spindle speed rpm 10,000(Opt.15,000)
Spindle motor kW 7.5/11(Opt.7.5/11/15)
Travel  X/Y/Z axis stroke  mm 820/510/535 1,020/510/600
Spindle nose to table mm 100-635 100-700
Feed X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse rate m/min 48/48/36 36/36/36
X/Y/Z axis cutting feedrate mm/min 1~10,000
ATC Tool storage capacity pc 24(Opt.. 30)
Max. tool diameter mm Ø75
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool weight kg 7
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.005
 Machine size weight kg 5,000±250 5,200 ±250

Optional Accessories


  • BT-40 Tool Changer
  • Unist Uni-Max cool lubricator for near dry machining – installed
  • Marposs VOP optical wireless part probe installed with training
  • Marposs VOTS optical wireless tool setter installed with training
  • Marposs VOP part probe + VOTS tool setter PACKAGE installed with training
  • Marposs WRP radio wireless part probe installed with training
  • Marposs WOTS radio wireless tool setter installed with training
  • Marposs WRP radio part probe + WOTS radio tool setter PACKAGE installed with training
  • Marposs ML75P laser tool setter installed with training
  • Auto Tool Presetter  (Renishaw TS-27 wired)
  • Auto Tool Presetter (Renishaw OTS Wireless)
  • Renishaw NC4+ F145/85 3.35” laser tool setter (hardware only kit)
  • Renishaw NC4+ F145/85 3.35” laser tool setter installed with 2 days of training
  • Renishaw OMP-40 part probe for 2-D surfaces (hardware only kit)
  • Renishaw OMP-40 part probe installed with 2 days training
  • Renishaw OMP-400 part probe for 3-D surfaces (hardware only kit)
  • Renishaw OMP-400 part probe installed with 2 days training
  • Mitsubishi AC Drive for 4th Axis and 4th Axis interface cable set
  • Mitsubishi AC Drive for 5th Axis and 5th Axis interface cable set
  • Ganro DR-170 6.7”rotary table with Mitsubishi servo motor (4th axis interface req’d)
  • Ganro DR-200 8” rotary table with Mitsubishi servo motor (4th axis interface req’d)
  • Ganro DR-250 10” rotary table with Mitsubishi servo motor (4th axis interface req’d)
  • High Pressure Coolant thru Spindle 300 PSI complete
  • High Pressure Coolant thru Spindle 1000 PSI complete
  • 440/460/480 Volt operation
  • 30 Tool arm type ATC
  • 15,000 RPM, 20HP direct drive spindle
  • Auto Doors
  • Heidenhain Linear Scales on XYZ
  • Column Riser Block 4” or 6”
  • Column Riser Block 8”, 10”, or 12”
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Donaldson Torit MiniMist 1200 centrifugal mist collector
  • Graphite milling package with dust collection system, lid on top of machine, complete and installed


Standard Equipment


  • Spindle Cooler
  • Prep for High Pressure Coolant through the Spindle (pump system not included)
  • Flood Coolant System with programmable air blast
  • Air Blast for spindle
  • Auto Lubrication with alarm
  • Full Machine Enclosure
  • Halogen Work Lamp
  • Dual rear discharge screw type Chip Conveyors
  • Caterpillar chain type Chip Conveyor
  • Remote Handwheel
  • Heat Exchangers for control cabinets
  • Rigid Tapping
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