• Spindle outboard gear mechanism (Opt.) allows the maximum torque to reach 477N.m. Select spindle cooler system (Opt.) to ensure long-term stable machining performance.
  • The preloaded ball screw reduces thermal distortion and ensures the machine’s continuous performance and precision.
  • Machine casting uses high quality cast iron through tempering and eliminate stress then accurate machining, and X/Y/Z use box way structure (y axis have four box way) can ensure long term precision and stability.
Item Specification Unit TMV-1350A
Table Table size mm 1,500×750
Max. loading capacity kg 1,300
Spindle Spindle speed rpm Std.  Belt type 3,500, 6,000
rpm Opt. Gear box 3,500, 6,000
Stroke X/Y/Z axis stroke mm 1,350/750/700
Feed X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse m/min 20/20/15
Cutting feedrate mm/min 0~5,000
ATC Tool shank BT 40/ BT50
Tool capacity pc 24 (Opt. 32)
Max. tool diameter mm Ø110 (Opt. Ø125)
Max. tool diameter (w/o adjacent tool) mm Ø200 (Opt. Ø220)
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool weight kg 15
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