• Big diameter pre-loaded ball screw prohibits heat extension. The servo motors are directly coupled with the ball screws. This ensures the machine rigidity
  • Belt driven spindle is well balanced dynamically to minimize vibration and maintain appropriate motor heat
  • Spindle Bearing Protection uses maze type mechanical seal and air-blowing to rohibit coolant entry
Item Specification Unit TMV-920A TMV-1100A
Table Table size mm 1,000×530 1,200×600
Max. loading capacity kg 800
Spindle Spindle speed rpm  BT40: 8,000
rpm         (Opt. 5,000,7,000,10,000)
rpm BT50: 3,500(Opt.  6,000)
Stroke X/Y/Z axis stroke mm 920/530/530 1,100/600/530
Feed X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse m/min 30/30/24
Cutting feedrate mm/min 1~10,000
ATC Tool shank BT 40 / BT 50
Tool capacity pc 24
Max. tool diameter mm BT40:Ø89 / BT50: Ø110
Max. tool diameter (w/o adjacent tool) mm BT40:Ø125 / BT50: Ø200
Max. tool length mm BT40:250 / BT50: 300
Max. tool weight kg BT40:7 / BT50: 15
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