The Tongtai CT-350 is a high speed, high accuracy 5-Axis trunnion table machining center.  This machine delivers outstanding overall performance and value for the complex machining of mold, die, aerospace, and medical parts.  The machine features strength from a heavy meehanite casting.  Precision comes from large 45mm roller type linear guideways in the linear axes and a unique, zero backlash roller gear mechanism in tilt and rotary axes.  Large diameter (40mm XY and 45mm Z) double anchored and pre-tensioned ballscrews along with least increment input of .0001mm/ .00001” allows positioning accuracy of +/-.00012” and repeatability of .0001” (with scales).

Along with precision comes speed.  Rapid traverse rates of 1,417”/min in XY and 1,181”/min Z reduce non-cutting times.  Powerful servo motors are direct coupled to the large diameter ballscrews.  The Z-Axis produces 2,640 lbs of thrust.  A precision, powerful, 20HP, 15,000 RPM direct drive spindle provides both low end torque and high speed finishing ability utilizing high / low winding switching.  The spindle is available in both Big Plus 40 taper or HSK-63A.  A 20,000 RPM integral spindle is also available for ultra high speed machining.

At the heart of the machine is the roller drive trunnion table.  Utilizing the unique, patented roller gear drive (as opposed to a worm gear or direct drive), high torque, high speed, and superior clamping capability is accomplished.  In fact, no auxiliary clamping system is required as the roller gear drive acts as a gear reducer, simplifying design and eliminating hydraulics to clamp the table.  High speed rotation of 40 RPM and 360° in 1.8 seconds on the rotary axis and 33.3 RPM and 120° in 1.8 seconds in the tilt axis reduces cycle time.  Since this is a preloaded system with NO BACKLASH, the roller gear drive delivers outstanding accuracy of +/- 15 arc seconds and repeatability of only +/- 10 arc seconds utilizing the standard encoders.  With the addition of the optional rotary scales, positioning and repeatability are enhanced to only +/- 3 arc seconds.  A rotary union to supply hydraulics for fixtures is optional.

Excellent ergonomics also make this machine easy on the operator.  The table center to the front of the machine is only 22.7” for easy reach to the table.  The table height is only 43.3” from the floor.

The standard 30 tool ATC is extremely reliable and changes tools in only 2.0 seconds with average chip to chip time of only 3.6 seconds for maximum productivity.  The ATC is mounted to the machine for easy maintenance and is easily accessible for changing out tools. 40 and 60 tool ATC’s are optional.

An impressive list of standard features includes dual rear discharge screw type chip conveyors that empty into a caterpillar type conveyor parallel to the back of the machine, a high volume 200 gallon coolant system, and a full machine enclosure (including the top) to contain chips and coolant. Your choice of the Fanuc OiM-F for 4+1 applications or the Heidenhain iTNC-640 for full 5-Axis applications provides the ideal combination for all types of applications.  The Fanuc 31iM-B5 is also available for applications requiring simultaneous 5-Axis contouring.

Item Specification Unit CT-350
Table Table size (LxW) mm Ø350
Max. loading capacity kg 200
Max. workpiece dimension (diameter×height) mm Ø380×220
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 15,000
rpm Opt.20,000
Travel X/Y/Z axis travel mm 400/510/510
A  axis travel mm +30 ~ -120
axis travel mm ±360
Feed X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse m/min 36/36/30
A/C axis rapid traverse deg/min 33.3/40(Roller gear)
Cutting feedrate mm/min 1~20,000
ATC Tool shank BBT-40 (Opt. HSK-63A)
Tool capacity pc 24 (Opt.30?40)
Max. tool diameter mm Ø76
Max. tool diameter (w/o adjacent tool) mm Ø125
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool kg 7
Machine  size Wide×Depth×Height mm 2,150×3,280×3,060
Weight kg 7,000
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