OR-TR Series

Super Heavy Duty Laser Tube Cutting machine


Movable gantry structure

Horizontal bed layout, two-chuck design, low center of gravity, stable and solid; Movable gantry structure to meet the cutting needs of long workpieces and short tails


Larger range of pipe cutting

The maximum diameter of the processed pipe can reach 590mm, and the load can reach 1200kg; It is not limited to processing conventional pipes such as round pipes and square pipes, as well as profiles such as angle steel, channel steel and H-beam; Other special-shaped tubes such as drop-shaped, C-shaped, etc. can also be cut

Optional:Three-dimensional five-axis cutting head

Three-dimensional five-axis cutting head is optional, which can achieve a maximum 45° bevel cutting, and provide a professional heavy tube cutting solution.


Price competitive

Give full play to the advantages of simple and efficient two-chuck model, less cutting action, and high cost performance; Adjustable feeding support, easy to operate, effectively support the pipe; Follow-up blanking support, auxiliary blanking lifting table, improve cutting accuracy and facilitate blanking

Professional pipe EtherCAT bus system

Equipped with a professional pipe cutting bus system to achieve high-precision and high-quality processing.
1.Professional 3D nesting software;
2.Rich database of pipe cutting process;
3.Automatically generate reports and processing records;
4.The interface is simple, easy to learn and easy to understand, and the operation is efficient.

Compact model

Small footprint, compared to the three-chuck and four-chuck pipe cutting machines on the market, the floor space is reduced by 30%; At the same time, the installation is simple, the disassembly and assembly are convenient, and it is convenient for customers to put into production quickly.



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Model OR-TR 6060 OR-TR 12060
Laser Power 3000w ~ 12000w
Effective cutting diameter of round tube Φ20-Φ590mm
Effective cutting diameter of square tube □20-□400mm
Maximum cutting length 6300mm 12300mm
Maximum Chuck Speed 30r/min
Y-Axis Maximum Acceleration 0.5G
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