OR-TM Series

Tube Fiber Laser Cutting machine


Exclusive chuck, efficient and flexible

Standard pneumatic chuck for tube, strong clamping force, high speed, speedy response, and precise cutting.


Seamless cutting, easy to replace.

Adopt the same diameter chuck, no damage to the surface of the pipe, chuck replacement is simple and fast, high quality of cutting.


Flexible and effortless processing

Equipment cutting, punching, slotting efficiency is fast, meet the requirements of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe, multi-pipe pipe processing, support 12m ultra-long workpiece processing.

Continuous feeding, rapid cutting

The feeding roller clamps the pipe and circulates feeding without resetting, reducing the waiting time and realizing the maximum feeding speed, improve cutting efficiency.


Intelligent feeding and convenient

Full/semi-automatic feeding mode is selected to support batch cutting of small pipes, reduce manpower and achieve a higher processing efficiency.



Ultra-short tail material, save cost and materials.

The cutting tail material can be within at least 50mm, which maximize the utilization rate of materials and reduce the cost of waste materials.


Intelligent central control system, efficient response

Intelligent central control system, with high performance automatic focusing cutting head, variety of equipment functions, and strong performance.




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Model OR-TM 90 OR-TM 120
Laser Power 1000W ~ 3000w
Processing Range φ15-φ80mm,□10-60mm φ30-φ100mm,□20-80mm
Repeat Processing Accuracy ±0.03mm
Accelerated Speed 1.5G
Max Processing Tube Length 6/9/12m
Max Running Speed 110m/min
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