OR-S Series

Pipe automatic feeding device

Save manpower, practical and efficient

Effectively solve the waste of time and labor costs caused by manual loading or driving, forklift loading, etc.; greatly improve production efficiency and reduce staff work.

Supports multiple tubing types

It not only supports automatic feeding of standard pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, and rectangular pipes, but also supports automatic feeding of angle steel, channel steel, H-beam, I-beam and other profiles.

Modular design

It is easy to disassemble and assemble, can be put into production quickly, and can be modularized and expanded at any time; the feeding speed is fast, and the perfect connection with the laser pipe cutting machine is realized.




Model OR-S
Compatible Models TL6016/TL6020/TG6020/TG6035/TA6020/TA6035
Feeding Pipe Length 5800-6400mm
Pipe Section Size Round tube φ20-φ220mm Square tube 20- 150mm Diameter of circumscribed circle≤220mm
Dimensions 5500*2200*1050mm
Equipment Power 4KW
Maximum Weight of Single Tube 200kg 30kg/m
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