OR-RW Series

Series-Three-dimensional Stock System

Three-dimensional storage, reasonable space allocation

It adopts 8-layer shelves, three-dimensional storage, and compact structure. The single-layer load capacity is 3 tons, and the storage is tight and orderly, realizing efficient and reasonable utilization of plant space resources.

Plan production flow, can realize cyclic cutting

The intelligent three-dimensional material warehouse is controlled by mechanical and electronic equipment to support automatic feeding and unloading cycle cutting, making the entire operation process faster and more efficient.

Intelligent warehouse circulation, automation is safer

The plate circulation and storage operation process is automated and mechanized, which effectively protects the safety of labor and reduces the breakage rate of the plate.



Combine strong forces, build an intelligent factory

OR-RW can realize the on-line work of multiple PH series laser cutting machines, realize the safe and efficient production model of intelligent production and processing and orderly warehouse management, saving labor costs and avoiding manual operation errors.




Model OR-RW
Rated Sheet Sizes 3000*1500mm/ 4000*2000mm/ 6000*2000mm
Number Of Pallet Layers 8 layers
Maximum Weight Of Single Layer 3 tons
Maximum Pile Height Of Single Layer 120mm
Applicable Models OR-PH
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