OR-R Series

Pipe automatic feeding device

Stress annealed heavy material rack

Cantilever structure, stress annealing, high load-bearing frame, stable operation. Frequency conversion control, stable feeding material, hydraulic expansion, flexible operation. The material rack adopts hydraulic expansion and comes with a feeding trolley for flexible operation.

“Double”mode high efficiency leveling machine

Thickened electroplated bearing steel, durable and wear-resistant; turbine synchronization, worm adjustment; manual and electric dual mode, gear transmission; self-equipped pressure roller, high-quality and powerful leveling.

Servo precision feeding device

Servo motor drive, follow-up roller support, reduce metal sheet slip and curling.


Automatic assembly line

It can realize the uncoiling, leveling and cutting of bare roll materials in one go, saving labor and efficient production.




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Model OR-R 3015 OR-R 4015 OR-R 6015
Laser Output Power 1000w – 3000w
Max Processing Range 3050mm*1530mm 4050mm*1530mm 6050mm*1530mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Repeat Positioning ±0.02mm
Max Movement Speed 80m/min
Max Acceleration 1G
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