OR-LT Series

Automatic cantilever feeding device

Intelligent Control System, Efficient and Stable Feeding

Intelligent touch control, loading with one click, saving labor costs, processing efficiency increased by 50%. Support automatic and manual feeding mode, can deal with variety of complex conditions.

Wide Rotation Range, Flexible Equipment Layout

Big rotation range, swing arm can adapt to the working condition, more flexible station and equipment layout.

Original Component, High Efficiency and High Precision

The original component is capable of high precision swing arm positioning, high speed of running, and high positioning accuracy.

Strong Suction Grip, Long Lifespan

Strong suction grip, with a long lifespan, and prevents plate scratches. Avoid loading stuck sheets in a single loading as processing.



Model OR-LT 3015
Feeding Sheet Thickness 1 – 20mm
Maximum Feeding Width 3000*1500mm
Maximum Loading Format 1250*1250mm
Maximum Sheet Weight 800kg
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