OR-LH Series

Plate machine high-efficiency automatic loading and unloading device

Modular design, reasonable space layout

Separate modular design, easy to loading and unloading, low transportation cost. Reduce the footprint, optimize the spatial layout, so that the cycle feeding cycle is shorter, more efficiency.

Automatic loading and unloading, Intelligent, efficient and stable

Be able to realize automatic cycle cutting, loading and unloading without worker, simple operation, saves labor cost, time and effort.

Thickness measurement of sheet by layers, safe loading and unloading

Automatic thickness measurement of sheet, Plate separation function and double plate detection function, avoids loading multiple sheets.


Model OR-LH 3015 OR-LH 6015 OR-LH 4020 OR-LH 6020 OR-LH 6025
Laser Power 1000w ~ 6000w
Accuracy Of Positioning ±0.03mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting Speed 100m/min 120m/min 100m/min 120m/min 100m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1.5G
Equipment Size 3050mm*1530mm 6050mm*1530mm 4050mm*2030mm 6050mm*2030mm 6050mm*2530mm
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