OR-HA Series

Pipe automatic feeding device

Intelligent automated production

Unattended working cycle, 24-hour continuous production; intelligent feeding, sorting, and deviation correction, improving intelligence.

Loading and preparation, synchronized

Synchronous and automatic material preparation during processing, shortening the refueling time and improving production efficiency.

Intelligent Operating System

Flexible interface operation, seamless connection with laser cutting system, efficient and convenient operation.


Model OR-HA 6230
Optional models TL/TG/TA/TS
Feeding method Fully automatic feeding
Pipe Length 6000 – 6200mm
Tube Type Suare tube, round tube, rectangular tube, etc.
Pipe Size Range Round tube Φ 20 – Φ 220mm, square tube □ 20 – □ 150mm, circumscribed circle diameter ≤ 220mm
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