OR-FM Series

Middle Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting machine


Quality upgrade, stable cutting performance

The iterative upgrade of the welding bed makes the structure layout more reasonable, effectively reduces the thermal radiation of the cutting area, and ensures the long-term stability of the machine tool operation.


Module disassembly, easy to replace

Modular design of the table, strong ventilation, convenient dismounting, easy to replace.


Partition dusting, multiplication effect

Adopts both sides of the bed exhaust structure, upgraded the air duct optimization, large caliber, multi-area; Compared with the intermediate structure, the pumping effect is significantly improved.

Intelligent processing, beginner friendly

Multi-function, real-time monitoring, automatic focus, stable operation, convenient operation.


Exquisite craft, improve the quality and efficiency

Equipped with a variety of cutting technology, to achieve high speed and high precision cutting technology.


Intelligent sensor, automatic obstacle avoidance

With the anti-collision induction, in advance to perceive the plate warping, automatic obstacle avoidance, reduce the maintenance cost of laser head.


Classic heritage

Classic equipment, ingenious and practical, multi-unit assembly and delivery, best-selling all over the world.



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Model OR-FM 3015 OR-FM 4015 OR-FM 6015 OR-FM 4020 OR-FM 6020 OR-FM 6025
Laser Power 1000W ~ 6000w
Working Area 3050*1530mm 4050*1530mm 6050*1530mm 4050*2030mm 6050*2030mm 6050*2530mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Max Movement Speed 80m/min
Max Acceleration 0.8G
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