OR-FH Series

Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting machine
  • Single platform
  • Auto Focus Laser Head
  • Intelligent Central Control
  • Intelligent Lubrication


Super heavy Steel Welding Machine Bed

The bed adopts 12mm super-thick monolithic steel plate laser blanking.The groove welding method is used to make the plates reach equal strength butt Then it undergoes stress annealing and natural aging treatment to eliminate internal stress and maintain the extremely high stability and cutting accuracy of the bed.

The Fifth-generation Aviation Aluminum Alloy Beam

The whole beam is processed by T6 heat treatment process to make the beam obtain the highest strength. Solution treatment improves the strength and plasticity of the beam, optimizes and reduces its weight, and speeds up the movement.


Auto focusing laser head

The auto-focusing optical fiber cutting head has a built-in motor drive unit. The focus lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within the specified range. The continuous focus can be set by the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatically cut plates of different thicknesses and materials.

Intelligent Control System

CypCut plane cutting software is a set of software specially developed for the deep customization of the laser cutting industry, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions.


Packed in a 20GP container for easy transportation.

This small machine can be installed in a 20GP container to protect the fuselage from damage during transportation, reduce transportation costs, and facilitate loading and unloading. portation, reduce transportation costs, and facilitate loading and unloading.


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Model OR-FH 3015 OR-FH 4015 OR-FH 6015 OR-FH 4020 OR-FH 6020 OR-FH 6025 OR-FH 8025
Laser Power 1000W ~ 12000w
Working Area 3050*1530mm 4050*1530mm 6050*1530mm 4050*2030mm 6050*2030mm 6050*2530mm 8050*2530mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Movement Speed 100m/min 120m/min
Max Acceleration 1.5G
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