OR-A Series

Pipe automatic feeding device

No one waits for feeding, intelligent and efficient

Self-contained material warehouse, whole bundle loading, unmanned work, fast and stable, mass production

Support multiple pipe material loading

Support batch automatic feeding of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, runway pipe and other pipe materials;

Grating protection to ensure safety

The feeding area can be equipped with a protective grating to ensure safety while producing quickly.




Model OR-A 6230 OR-A 9230
Opional Models TL/TG/TA/TS
Feeding Method Fully automatic feeding
Pipe Length 5800 – 6400mm 8800 – 9400mm
Tube Type Square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, etc.
Pipe Size Range Round tube Φ 20 – Φ 220mm, square tube □ 20 – □ 150mm, circumscribed circle diameter ≤ 220mm
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