All machines are manufactured of highest quality cast iron.
Box type column, bed and saddle features outstanding stability in heavy duty cutting. All slide ways are hardened, precision ground and scraped for lasting precision.
The X and Z-axes are equipped with ballscrew ensure the table movement smoothly.
Headstock, table and saddle equipped with hydraulic clamper to ensure machining accuracy.
Spindle headstock balance is accurately taken and a counter weight permits the head to travel smoothly and to retain its accuracy stability.


Table size mm 1000×1000
T slot ( wide x no . x pitch ) mm 22x9x100
Max. load capacity kg 3000
Min. indexing unit deg 1
Table height from ground mm 1103
B-axis rapid feed rpm 4
X-axis travel mm 2000
Y-axis travel mm 1400
Z-axis travel mm 1150
W-axis travel mm 500
Spindle nose to table center mm -175~1475
Spindle center to table top mm 0-1400
Spindle nose mm BT50
Spindle diameter mm 110
Spindle torque max. kg-m 135
Speed/ 2 steps (auto) Hi-speed rpm 5~625
Lo-speed rpm 626~2500
Rapid X, Y, Z, W-axis m/min 15/12/15/5
Feed rate of X, Y, Z,axis mm/min 1~6000
Feed rate of W axis mm/min 1~5000
X,Y,Z ballcrew (Dia./ Pitch) mm 50/10
W ballscrew (Dia./ Pitch) mm 40/10
Magazine capacity pcs 60
Pull stud MAS-P50T-1
Max. tool length mm 400
Max. tool weight kg 25
Max. tool diameter mm 125/250 w/o adjacent tool
Tool selection Sequence by shortest path
Tool change time (approx.) sec 13
Spindle motor kW 22/26
Servo motor for X/Y/Z/B/W kW 7 / 6 / 7 / 4 / 7
Centralized lubrication pump W 150
Hydraulic pump kW 3.7
Spindle oil cooler pump kW 1.18
Coolant pump kW 1.34
Pneumatic required kg/cm2 6
Coolant tank L 250
Machine dimension mm 4900 x 5100 x 3605
CNC contral 0i-MD
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