CENTECH GTX-410 (Vertical Type)

Centech machines are subjected to rigorous quality inspection during assembly and before shipment. Our objective is to ensure that each machine will provide the optimum performance and fully satisfied customers. Our assurance of quality follows every machine from our plant to arrival and installation at yours.

Milling Technology –
The machining centers XL & XB shows its strength when processing time, as well as workpiece shape and position tolerances, require machining in one setup. Design requirements are becoming increasingly complex – the XB/XL helps simplify these requirements. The XB/XL features a C-frame design, and optionally available with a high-torque motor spindle, a selection of production packages for steel and aluminum machining. For the highest precision, we also offer a direct measuring system with optical linear scales. You can customize your XB/XL models to fit just about any applications.

High-Speed Technology –
The XH500/820/1000 High-Speed Double Column Machining Center sets new standards for high-speed cutting applications of graphite electrodes up to hard machining. In the standard version the XH models has a “motor spindle” with 30,000 rpm and HSK-E40 and thus offers high stability during machining, longer tool lifetime, lower tool costs and better surfaces at the workpiece. Motor spindles with 18,000 rpm and 42,000 rpm are optionally available.

Five Axes Technology –
GTX-620 Five Axes Machining Center capability a plus in versatility for the original machine, while at the same time retaining all its outstanding characteristics. Good accessibility to the work area, setup area and tool loading station ensures ideal ergonomics for the operator. This is made easier by the possibility of crane loading to the work and setup areas offered in the standard version.

Turning Technology –
Our Turning Series makes no compromises when it comes to turning. With the best selection of controls available, we offer each user a fast track from the drawing to the finished workpiece. The machines are designed for small and medium volume production. It can be equipped with up to 12 driven tools.

GTX-320 GTX-410
X- axis (mm) 1000 1200
Y- axis (mm) 600 700
Z- axis (mm) 380 530
Spindle Nose To Table 30 – 410 30 – 560
Work Table Diameter ?320 ?410
Center Bore Diameter ?14H7 ?14H7
Maximum Table Load Vertical 150kg Vertical 150kg
Horizontal 200kg Horizontal 200kg
Maximum Traverse Speed 36/36/32 m/min 30/30/25 m/min
Spindle Taper 40 (Belt) 8000/10000/12000 8000/10000/12000
Spindle Taper 40 (Direct) 10000/12000/15000 10000/12000/15000
Spindle Taper (HSK) 20000 / 30000 20000 / 30000
Spindle Motor (FANUC) 11kW 11kW
Spindle Motor (HEIDENHAIN) 10kW 10kW
ATC ARM Type 24 / 30 24 / 30
Pneumatic Supplier (kg/cm2) 5.5 – 6.5 5.5 – 6.5
Coolant Tank Capacity 380 Liter 500 Liter
Floor Space (mm) 2900 x 2090 3600 x 2240
Machine Weight (kg) 8400 9500
Shipping Dimension (mm) 3180 x 2310 x 2560 (40’HQ) 3500 x 2310 x 2560 (40’HQ)
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